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Hi, I'm Neil, a guy in his midthirties who likes to write and read fanfiction. I'm trying to get back into fandom. I used to be involved in it long ago (mostly Harry Potter), under a different journal name that I don't even remember now, but pretty much all I ever did was lurk. I'm trying to change that this time round. I do fine IRL, but for some reason I'm riddled with social anxiety and awkwardness on the internet. I TRY not to be a lurker, but I only ever seem to manage short bursts of flailing that never end well. :p I'm also a much slower writer than I'd like and better at starting things than finishing them, which often makes me feel impossibly behind in fic circles.

Other than fanfiction, I like games, learning obscure things, arts and crafts of all types, camping, playing guitar, cooking and mythology, among other things. I'm about to go back to school for linguistics and psychology, and I'm serious about writing original fiction.

I'm hoping to make some friends in fandom, actually post some fics and have fun with it all.

I do write explicit sex of all kinds in my fics. I will warn for triggers, but if sex bothers you, you probably won't like my stuff much.
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